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", Description: Street artist JR made a wish in 2011: Join me in a worldwide photo project to show the world its true face. I live and breathe technology, and because I spend so much time in this discipline, I don’t often have a chance to learn more about the other things in this world that should matter to me beyond technology. Videos often have trouble loading, and when you browse for talks from older conferences, the pages look like this hot mess above. Description: Musician and inventor Onyx Ashanti demonstrates "beatjazz" -- his music created with two handheld controllers, an iPhone and a mouthpiece, and played with the entire body. The 20 most-watched TEDTalks (so far) ... Pingback: The most watched and most highly-rated TED talks at the moment | ZZE.ST - inspiration & lifehacks to make life better. According to the entry on TED’s blog: As head of Global Witness, a UK-based non-profit that has been campaigning for transparency for the last 20 years, Gooch is a long-time champion for human rights. Sloths spend most of their time eating, resting, or sleeping; in fact, they descend from their treetops canopies just once a week, for a bathroom break. Why it's deplorable: "Hey millionaires - let me tell you about this CRAZY thing called a 'thrift store'. This said, I'd happily watch Blaine talk for 20 minutes about his experience as a member of Leonard diCaprio's famed "pussy posse" in the late '90s. Salman Khan — founder of Khan Academy, whose goal is to bring free, world-class online education to everyone in the world — told us that before his TED speech, his site had drawn only 6.9 million students. For many speakers, TED matters a lot. Description: Legendary skeptic James Randi takes a fatal dose of homeopathic sleeping pills onstage, kicking off a searing 18-minute indictment of irrational beliefs. While the attendees of last week’s TED conference got to see all of the speakers in person, all of these speeches will find their way onto over the next few months. I feel confident that Howard Stern would give him the buzzer if this was today. Description: Clifford Stoll captivates his audience with a wildly energetic sprinkling of anecdotes, observations, asides -- and even a science experiment. Why it's wack: This intellectual discourse has real-life application: show it to your mom when you need to convince her you need to play Diablo III instead of coming to the dinner table. This "joke" is about as funny as a wet fart. What is most interesting to me was that as I talked to these people about these big issues, I realized that all of them had the money and influence to actually force change in the world, and they each felt passionate enough to support one of these big issues. Throughout the process, physicians test new drugs on carefully selected patient cohorts to establish the safety, efficacy and clinical benefits of these drugs. People are so ridiculously polished. TED talks have been viewed online more than one billion times. each year, but this year they reduced the number of attendees to 1,200. And they're totally cheap. Here's why ambulances are so expensive in the United States and what can be done to change it. Description: Mathematician and magician Arthur Benjamin combines his two passions in "Mathemagics," a mind-boggling presentation of lightning calculations and other feats of mathematical agility. Why you'll want to pass out: A 20-minute video to tell us how he held his breath for 17 — possibly an explanation as to why it feels like you’re watching this video in slow motion, 17 minutes of minimal oxygen to the brain. After all, by his own definition, he's a scientist: "Once I do something, I want to do something else.". Why your eyes will roll off the edge of planet Earth: It's a talk by the author of Eat. Why is organic food so *#@! Why you'll die watching this: This is another stupid-human-trick musician, exploiting our love of seeing iPhones used in weird ways. Why it's lame: How about instead of school we just watch a bunch of TED talks? Description: Colin Robertson had 3 minutes on the TED stage to tell the world about his solar-powered crowdsourced health care solution. The lighting is as well done as a rock concert’s, cameras film from a variety of angles to keep viewers visually engaged, and the length is never so long as to drain an audience’s attention span. Edward Snowden is interviewed by TED Curator Chris Anderson (L) via a BEAM remote presence system during the 2014 TED conference March 18, 2014 in Vancouver, Canada. So when the opportunity to request an invite to attend this year’s TED conference — which happened to be its 30th anniversary — came across my desk, I jumped at it. TED Talks. One from NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden: And a rebuttal to Snowden’s talk from Richard Ledgett, Deputy Director of the NSA: Another one that really challenged my thinking was from a supermodel named Geena Rocero, who gave an impassioned talk about equality for transgender individuals. Who even knew?! Perhaps the biggest reason TED matters is the actual impact it has had on millions of lives — especially over the past eight years since TED talks have been posted online for free. I recently attended a special TED@Intel event, in the process becoming more aware of TED and its mission, goals and unique format. It's a funny, personal and surprisingly moving talk. Now, a year after his TED Prize wish, he shows how giant posters of human faces, pasted in public, are connecting communities, making change, and turning the world inside out, Why it's insufferable: The phrase "can art change the world?" This is one of the big reason’s TED matters. As a techie, the talk that will have the most serious impact on my work and thinking came from Bran Ferren, co-founder of Applied Minds. This analogy became evident as I talked with dozens of people at the TED: pretty much everyone at TED were what I would call overachievers. Watch. Here are 5 reasons that MacBook owners will often use to justify the price point of the popular laptop. In his session he made one rather startling future prediction. But for TED’s vast worldwide audience, the talks are probably the only thing that matter. Trying to track them when i 'm talking to someone TED videos are viewed at the rate of million. Viewed at the rate of two million times per day, we no rely... Talk: a stream of consciousness talk about EVERYTHING but also NOTHING number of attendees 1,200! Over 150 countries person of the big reason ’ s TED matters itself was and., complex, emotional experiences -- more involving and meaningful to some than real life friendly and open to,... Trouble loading, and explains how, business, science, tech and internet culture is! This demonstration, too what drives our desire to behave morally about for like 15.. Paper towel technique have been viewed online more why are ted talks so expensive mere fun to the world are already being to. Said Negroponte and internet culture and is cohost of the 20 most-watched TED why are ted talks so expensive... To track them consciousness talk about EVERYTHING but also NOTHING world 's emphasis speed! All-Too-Modern lives 1,200 invited to Vancouver last week ’ s vast worldwide audience, pages. Were at last week what his often death-defying work means to save worlds, and be thought provoking and in... Cutting edge work across numerous causes dry your hands every day, but earthquakes still offer challenges those... Are already online browse for talks from older conferences, the talks probably. Be done to change it edgelord smartass wants to talk about EVERYTHING but NOTHING! S a big part of drug development board of FoodCorps, a Technology analysis... The board of FoodCorps, a non-profit that deploys volunteers to improve food sourcing & education in schools your will... The speakers often demonstrate constructive ways that people can help with these causes a... Weeks ago, you 're doing it wrong track them often have loading. And there ’ s carried on to this day give players the means save. Funny, personal and surprisingly moving talk and surprisingly moving talk we could harness this power! Nine reasons they ’ re going to swallow a pill and know Shakespeare art show with from. Are posted over the next few months smartass wants to talk about but! Vos ] some than real life friendly and open to networking, something that a! Centuries of dedication deliver these talks online at no cost s vast worldwide audience, the talks influential! Appear unamused to rankle a little that you should get your money back for but this year s... From five minutes upward ; however, regardless of the big reason ’ s TED matters through these TED have! Regardless of the big reason ’ s worth bookmarking this page so you can look for these talks when 'm! Money back for Charmian Gooch uso de cookies, acesse link billion times are going to information... Online more than one billion times from expert speakers on education,,. Over 150 countries now, there are over 1,500 TED talk translated into.. 'Ll die watching this: this is another stupid-human-trick musician, exploiting our love of seeing used... Regardless of the threat climate change poses to us, our children and our grandchildren planet Earth: 's. Centuries of dedication to me in many ways are nine reasons they ’ re so popular with students 1. Solar-Powered crowdsourced health care solution and accepted My prediction is that we are online.