This Patriots fan wanted to get away from anything Super Bowl-related by the 4th quarter, too…. So that vacated space will leave room for a nice new tenant. For the size of the South Portland store, my guess is that it would carry children’s, since it’s one of the larger New England H & M’s. He told me that the company is looking to franchise, but for now, this was the only location. I would rather see B & N move into the empty lot across the street, along with Best Buy, and we could bring Crate & Barrel to the old Borders store. I haven’t seen any sign of construction yet at JOHNNY ROCKETS. There are presently 4 spots in a row vacant, except for the temporary RAVE-X store, and by the end of the week WALDENBOOKS will be empty as well. Jam. Vous retrouvez ici les évolutions et statistiques année par année, jour par jour. Unlike the Maine Mall, Christiana Mall lost three major anchors with the Filene’s-Macy’s merger, and even with NORDSTROM, one anchor is still empty, but NORDSTROM would do so well here. Books-a-Millions, like Borders, operates both superstores, which range from 8,000 square feet to 39,000 square feet, and smaller format stores, ranging between 2,000 square feet and 7,000 square feet. Culture. @mallguy, There was a Rainforest Cafe at The Source in Westbury. It would have been nice if they had replaced WALDENBOOKS but at the time WALDENBOOKS closed, the intent was apparently to subdivide its space and put a couple of new stores. Cracker Barrel was announced over a year ago. Size them down too…..they may as well, since there’s much fewer national chains to go around these days. But South Portland has been a good portfolio for them. General Growth has apparently abandoned its plans for a movie theater in the former Filene’s building. While B & N and Amazon have done better than Borders at the new technology, they also offer the same traditional bookstore for those, like me, who read the old-fashioned way. 1.0 GSE Hybrid City Life / 7" Radio/DAB/Klima/ PDC At one time, the second floor Macy’s DID have a restaurant, and a bakery. I hope this year SIMON comes to our rescue, gets us some fresh new stores, and hires a manager who cares. If I have my choice and have time, I order online, go to the Old Port boutique stores or go to Boston. It’s been awhile since I’d been to the mall; I didn’t do ANY of my holiday shopping there. Oh, that’s right, 20% usually more of mall stores would go out of business, which could possibly cause the mall to fail. I’m saddened when I travel to other cities and see malls with NO empty spaces and new construction going on. I think if malls/nordstroms just had them open in an exposed anchor as is it would be more successful. I have seen people inside the old DOWNEAST FRAME AND GALLERY doing some measuring. So even if they’re not all filled by the end of summer, I guess it’s better to wait a little longer and have this mall be a major destination once more. The Christiana Mall, in Delaware, has a market population similar to ours, and they are about to complete a good-sized addition with NORDSTROM and about 15 other new stores. @HU923, I have to say macys has ruined the retail sectoy from new york to maine with may- federated merger. Calculer votre espérance de vie Toutes les données traitées ici proviennent de l'INSEE et sont disponibles en open data sur 1 La première valeur est la moyenne d'age, la seconde est la médianne pour l'année 2020, Nombre de décès dans la base : 25 277 698 Nombre de prénoms de décédés distincts : 238 529 Nombre de noms de famille de décédés distincts : 1 086 962. There’s quite a difference between CRACKER BARREL and CRATE & BARREL – about the same as between MARDEN’S and NEIMAN-MARCUS. One woman from Halifax told me that her children love PacSun, Aeropostale, Abercrombie, Banana Republic – stores that the MicMac Mall or Halifax Shopping Center don’t offer. If and when NORDSTROM does arrive, maybe a new wing could be built for it, or even better, the mall could boot our that dumpy SEARS and build NORDSTROM there!!!. The Maine Mall is but a tiny wheel in the retail industry of America. Consequently, the area has been saturated with theaters already. The management does not allow stores to be vacant longer than a week. I don’t regularly shop in all of them, but these retailers are found in virtually every major market across the country, and it’s about time that Maine residents at last have the same retail choices as shoppers elsewhere have been enjoying for years. February 05, 2007 | Maine | Posted by Caldor. A while ago I asked the former manager of the mall if Hollister could go in the very spot where Waldenbooks was, and he said that presently that location isn’t too attractive because there’s so little foot traffic in that wing. Don’t you think that if NORDSTROM and CRATE & BARREL both located in the back where there is plenty of expansion room, that THEY would form the new entrance? It makes me so sad to see it just sitting there, while in Peabody, Burlington, and even little WIlmington Delaware we’re seeing NORDSTROM fill all of these spaces. SDB111 Reply:February 28th, 2012 at 8:12 pm. Unless the mall plans to incorporate a Nordstrom into the mix, I don’t really see the need to evict stores unless they’re performing poorly. But if it doesn’t, I think it’s time to say goodbye to the 70’s. But this blog is about malls, so it’s not important where they went. It seems to me that Bull Moose might someday be that store! Jonah NorasonNovember 1st, 2008 at 5:53 pm. (YAWN) Maybe, just maybe, this isn’t a done deal. I had heard from someone else that JR would go into the vacated McDonald’s, and with such a small space at THAT location, I’m glad it is indeed opening on the end. @mall employee, OH PLEASE! (SEPHORA and APPLE???) The arcade just off the food court, a staple of the Maine Mall for decades, has gone. Also, the Sheraton Hotel has been reflagged as a Wyndham. Examples include National Amusements Cinema Deluxe & AMC’s Cinema Sweets/ Fork & Screen. It’s also a possibility that electronics chain Best Buy, which has been concentrating on opening stores in the 30,000-square-foot range, would be interested in relocating to vacant Borders boxes from some of its existing locations, according to Jeff Green, president of Jeff Green Partners, a Phoenix, Ariz.-based retail real estate consulting firm. @MV6223, i believe you’re correct. The article I was reading went on to say that other major retailers are negotiating for space in the mall. Borders was brought to the brink by increased competition from digital readers, combined with several years of declining sales due to a weak consumer environment. @Cardboy, the former manager of the mall mentioned Papyrus as a much-wanted tenant four years ago. In response to GENO, who was wondering if men’s clothing was going to be available at the Maine Mall H & M, my guess is yes. I love seeing the changes. 18605 Stare St is a house in Northridge, CA 91324. It’s somewhat “low end” but other successful malls have them, and I think the Maine Mall is offering, with their new stores, a good mix of retailers that people off all incomes can enjoy. Although I feel badly for employees who will lose their jobs over the stores’ closures, I think for the mall’s sake, there a quite a lot of spaces that could potentially do better with a different store in that location. He was suddenly Stephen not Steve and my husband and I weren’t sure if it was really the guy we knew. My mistake. Does anyone remember York Steakhouse and the Plum Tree??? I’ve not come across any teens that I’d consider unruly. I also remember when New England Music opened up next to Kreys Disc Shop. McDonalds will be closing end of January 2010, manager has already confirmed with us. Even so, it’s doing better. Words is as well that several tenants have been discussing dividing up the Linens N Things space. The closest company-owned store before this was in Fox Run Mall, and there’s a dealer store in Brunswick. 484928 Reply:December 30th, 2012 at 9:11 pm. Lol, why cant you just tell us what is? There was also a “poor man’s Rainforest Cafe” in Oxford Valley Malll…can’t remember the name of it. I do, however, understand why big name stores like Nordstrom, JCrew, Crate and Barrell, etc wouldn’t want to come. I heard six months ago that there were five new retailers in negotiation. The South Portland site is one of the 30 that Alabama based Books-A-Million is proposing to assume the lease and buy the inventory of. Fashion Place — Murray, Utah Those kind of stores, along with the temporary ones that always pop up just before the holidays, give the illusion that nothing is going on. @Scott, The book industry is shakey, because of the internet and even Barnes and Noble is a little bit shakey as well..They spoke on CNBC AND SAID MANY RETAILERS ARE EYEBALLING THE FORMER BORDERS STORES. @SP, and another thing to consider, if Nordstrom does decide to come to the Maine Mall, they will most likely build a new store from scratch and in a very prominent area, which would be within view from Philbrook and Maine Mall roads. and I cant wait until Sephora comes here. If this all comes to pass, wonderful news for the mall!! The entire Maine Mall Road/Payne Road area is becoming more competitive, because of the new Lowe’s/Wal Mart Center, and the Cabela’s Gateway Project in Scarborough. It makes you wonder why Best Buy is really leaving, since their location is plenty large enough and has good frontage (as you can see in the above photos). Every mall I visit in the Northeast seems to be reconfiguring to be a clone high end retail center, with the same overpriced stores and the same white tile. who knows right now. Just found the site plan – indeed too small for OLD NAVY. @SP, I agree with you – I heard long ago from a former mall manager that eventually, they would like to do away with the food court altogether, and replace it with higher-end, sit down restaurants – not necessarily more nutritious, but places that give the impression of better quality, by charging higher prices, like Cheesecake Factory, CPK, P F Chang’s, etc. Well, sure enough….I asked if the MAINE MALL FOREVER 21 would have a men’s department, and both of the representatives from FOREVER 21 said YES, even though customer service had said NO.. Boy they had some weird promotions back then. But on the other hand, that end ofthe Maine Mall is so desolate. An opaque oilly substance that was extremely slippery spilled on the floor. I have also heard that Nordstrom officials have been here, but they, probably like Lord & Taylor, want a store out front. It really depends on the mall’s location, access to mass transit (especially the bus system), how clean / upkept it is, and the tenant mix. mall employee Reply:April 8th, 2010 at 1:58 pm. Often you can judge a malls status based on what restaurants they atract. Rs. In two years, you won’t recognize the place, with the new stores I’ve heard are planned for that area. . I’ve also heard that the wing toward Sears will be an area of focus, since there’s not much down there to attract shoppers aside from Lines and Things. So while there may be a lot of demand, the ability for the property owner to satisfy the market rents may further impact the timing of when those stores get absorbed.”. I spoke with the mall’s former manager two years ago, and at that time Sephora was interested in coming. But then you have to look at the awful food court and the dead Sears wing and see how far there is to go. Unable to secure a buyer interested in keeping it as a going concern, Ann Arbor, Mich.-based bookseller Borders announced plans to liquidate its remaining locations late Monday. Not going anywhere soon I don’t think. I can’t help but think Books-A-Million is what we in Maine are stuck with because the better stores don’t want to come here. With limited space available to suit upscale tenants, no space at all to expand up or out, and with a lawsuit dragging on and on, the Maine Mall, in my perception, will definitely lose its edge as the premier shopping experience for Southern Maine. Fink: I think it’s probably the small, private property owner who owns a series of stores in the local community. I’m really at a loss right now as to thinking of which stores could fill the former Filene’s spaces…H&M maybe? Francesca’s Collections, a popular and trendy women’s boutique with an online store, will be opening soon in Maine Mall. @SEAN, I still have to agree with the other post that movie theatres in malls are a waste of space. But to me, a movie theatre is a waste of good space. I disagree totally with anyone who thinks the new development will devour the MAINE MALL. COACH is expected to open the first weekend of April; looks like a very attractive space to me. She is the daughter of Shan- ily and friends. COLDWATER CREEK will take up the two former stores to have a combined space of 6,600 square feet. @rob, This is more of a mid-tier center where Boscov’s might work if they wanted to take a flyer on it. I don’t think we are done with liquidations at all. I hope if we get one, it’s nicer than that. At any rate, they have several alternatives they are looking at. But it’s not there any more. I remember that the former MAINE MALL manager said that CRATE & BARREL was interested in the BEST BUY property at the time BEST BUY was considering moving across the street. I’m not sure about Teavana. GGP is not to blame for this one. Stamford TC a Taubman mall has 10% of it’s stores unoccupide at any one time. I don’t think this situation applies to The Maine Mall, but I’m concerned that Bon-Ton will not be in direct competition with Macy’s, which, according to store description, it should be. Nordstrom & Lord & Taylor are the best department store options out there, but is South Portland the right market for them? . The wing leading to the rear of the mall has also seen major changes; while JCPenney remains, a large food court was added in 1994, and the former Filene’s store now sits dark. Also, believe it or not McDonalds will be closing by the end of this month. I’m not saying that is what happened but merely throwing that out there. It’s different than the retailers perspective. I’ve been to the flagship Forever XXI with my girlfriend in Pasadena, CA which is huge but this store blows that one of the water. Originally, I had heard that WILLIAMS/SONOMA was considering moving to this spot, and SEPHORA was moving to W/S space, but the reverse happened. @SP, Christmas Tree Shops have a store across the Turnpike bridge, maybe 1/2 a mile or less from the mall. Ce site vous permettra de trouver les informations à propos des décès en France depuis 1970 à des fins statistiques ou généalogiques. * Starbucks and Brookstone are currently closed for renovations; Starbucks says they’re reopening tomorrow (3/12). Papyrus stores operate at much much smaller spaces and have a high ticket price which make them a more attractive alternative for a mall to have a paper store. @HU923, YOGIBO will complete their move from outside H & M to its own little space where GO! Just how upscale is the Maine Mall? At least the Glo Golf and Summit Adventures are more geared toward family fun, but when a mall tries to upscale itself and moves to attract a higher-end clientele, it’s time for these type of venues to move on. ICING is undergoing a remodeling, RED MANGO and PICTURE PEOPLE have yet to open. GGP, and retailers in general, only look at basic population figures when they determine placement for a store, where each metro area needs to be examined individually for whatever differences may occur; in Portland’s case – no other major malls in the state, big summer tourist traffic both from Canada, and from cruise ships. Here’s a couple links to articles about The Mall emerging from bankruptcy and one about retail around the Mall. That’s a good question Jeff. You have to be grateful for the new stores that have arrived in the last two years – Banana Republic, Apple, Teavana, Coldwater Creek, Cache, The Walking Company, Brighton Collectibles, deLiA;s,XXI Forever, H & M, Zumiez, plus the stores that have renovated, such as Bath and Body Works, American Eagle, Spencer’s, FYE, and Gymboree. The management of the Maine Mall has said, along with many managers of many malls, that they frown upon teens who just come to “hang out”, and not buy anything. I hear rumor that a new clothing store will be opening soon between COACH and PANDORA – hopefully not something temporary. The Sears in West Hartford, CT for example, is 3 floors and has a lot more departments then ours, and it is considered an “A” store.. I hope customers are just as kind to Coldwater Creek and H & M when they have their respective openings. @AA6692, I forgot that ULTRA has moved outside the mall. I wonder what happened to THE PAPER STORE? I want to reply to the “bunch of teens hanging out” comment. Incredible. I consider you fairly lucky. The more of these ugly temp stores there are, it obviously means that the mall is in trouble. I wish they would show their appreciation by filling up our SEARS wing and doing something with FILENE’S. Except Epicenter Collection/The Epicenter was in development for nearly two years and I’ve just heard radio silence. According to that article on 11 are mall stores. With all of the newer high-end stores, the mall is hardly a shell of its former self. @LO559, too young to remember the IGA. @AA6682, the salon HAIR EXCITEMENT up next to BEST BUY has also gone out of business. Sephora is opening on Friday June 18th. Were you here when that was all it was? My guess is the Crate and Barrel would go into the former Linens-n-Things, and that ULTA would probably need a smaller space. I do think that in a few years, Maine and New Hampshire will be places they will want to come – and Jason Snyder, who is developing the STROUDWATER PLACE Lifestyle Center, is pushing hard for NORDSTROM. (Thank goodness) And with the direction that the Maine Mall is trying to head, I don’t see it happening anytime in the future, either. @Jutty, I think that the last spot in the right (Benoit’s) side of the rear corridor was a state liquor store, and that Friendly’s was the next spot in from that. South Portland has a men’s also. Westfarms also has FOR LOVE 21, which is the same company, but sells accessories. LO559 Reply:February 11th, 2011 at 6:13 am. I hope the mall is always there and healthy. I recall walking in the mall one afternoon, and noticed the two employees with their feet way up on the counter. CBL Properties has been taking their information desks away from most of their malls as well as a cost cutting measure. Why not redevelop the old FILENE’S? Up next to POTTERY BARN, the GO! Why do people think the Maine Mall is too weak to support another REAL anchor? So if one can get the same product elsewhere, (with more courteous service, I might add) my feeling is it would be better if the mall added tenants that weren’t repeats of what we already have. I don’t think that should be, however, because Filene’s was EXTREMELY popular here, with customers preferring it over Macy’s. I don’t have any source; I just walk the mall a lot for exercise, and I saw the sign for the arcade on a window in the food court. This 1,372 square foot house sits on a 6,384 square foot lot and features 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. 208 Followers, 2 Following, 140 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from People of all ages who visit ANY mall for shopping have the right to feel safe, secure and comfortable while they are there. The d.e.m.o. Are these retailers adding locations anywhere else? Maybe if the mall continues its high-end sweep, which it’s doing quite well, then they could be persuaded to give a second look. It would get mixed and frozen in Massachusetts and shipped up here. The former Filene’s doesn’t offer very much visibility as it sits in a part of the mall that is hidden from the major roads. Also Go! @Jonah Norason (Pseudo3D), USPS is not replacing the 20+ year old stamp vending machines. FIVE BELOW, the deluxe dollar store from Philadelphia, is taking those few spaces at the bottom, and ULTA is outside where VINNY T’s used to be. On October 23rd, the South Portland Planning Board voted in favor on the current Maine Mall expansion plan. This is the most the mall has grown since I was in 7th grade when the Filenes (now Macy’s) wing opened. Now I heard that Williams-Sonoma is moving up to where THE DREAM MACHINE was, locating on both sides of GLORIA JEAN’S COFFEE. Many upscale malls include fitness gyms; some have movie theatres, but because of the proximity of 26 screens to the Maine Mall, that’s NOT a good idea. I DIDNT GET THE DETAILS I HEARD NEWBURH MALL IN NEWBURGH NY IS HEADED TO FORECLOSURE. Oh, by the way, PANDORA is open. @Dan, I think it’s the first week in October. Speaking to one of them, I learned that Best buy will not infact be moving, they chose to stay at there current location. Aeropostale also has workers there, beginning to build their new location. Whenever I go into the Nordstrom, either in Peabody, Burlington, Westfarms in CT – there seems to be no one ever there. It’s quite a large store, and although it’s smaller than BORDERS, they can order anything and get it for you. Big Box electronics & book sellers were good anchors for a while, but they fell out of favor with the loss of Borders & Circuit City as Best Buy & Barns & Noble continue to struggle. Limited consists of these banners currently: The Limited Check out our website !! There’s nothing going on in back of any of the barricades now up. wow, this is interesting… I just moved out of South Portland 5 months ago (and ALSO moved to Arizona), I lived in South Portland my whole life (19 years) until 5 months ago – I can’t believe all the changes being made now though! Recently a barricade was placed in front of the Waldenbooks space, but I don’t think that means they’ve found a tenant for it. Charleston’s metro population is 572,000, while the Portland-Biddeford-South Portland population is 612,000; not to mention OUR tourists who visit every summer; many from Canada who enjoy the American stores that they cannot find back home. But I’ve heard that many high-end retailers are indeed interested in locating in the new front wing where Best Buy currently is located. The old Sebago Brewing is going to be a second location for Jimmy The Greeks from Old Orchard Beach. I can not understand why it can’t be kept up. It’s sad that so many shopping centers across the country, in smaller and poorer markets then Portland, have so much more retail choices to offer. Someone mentioned Chipotle Mexican Grill… I’ve never been to one, but I looked them up, and they seem a lot like Costa Vida (or whatever the former Costa Vida on Western Ave. is now that they’ve dropped the franchise). BEST BUY has announced that it will close 50 stores, and I’m sure they’ll be more to come. It will replace NEW YORK AND COMPANY. I don’t think it was the food quality; the management did them in. Obviously the latter is now vacant. A mega development called “Easton” includes apartments, headquarters for some current & former chains of Limited Brands, other office uses & a 1.5 million square foot lifestyle/ town center. After the Christmas temporary store closed, it has a blockade over it as if something is coming. We really lack a lot of what other malls; many of which are in smaller markets in Portland, have had for years. Sounds like Sears is starting to get desperate. H & M will carry mens and childrens. I was also informed that the mall is negotiating with tenants for the LINENS N THINGS space,so the GOBEIL’S FURNITURE is temporary, apparently. Anyway, I found out about the mens department from three sources. I don’t think that the Linens N Things would be anything Dan mentioned. There’s already a barricade over the Lindt’s location. 6. If anyone reading this has shopped at a Books-a-Million superstore,I would love to know your impressions. @Alex Steed, I happen to have the original newspaper pullout from the summer of 1971, to announce the mall’s official opening. People pizza hut - bbq chicken pizza nutritionsoley soley 1971 has lots of space all over the former BENOIT ’ s SURPLUS.! Maybe CRATE & Barrel also likes this mall that seemed to be in. Than what we accept as normal February 10th, 2011 at 11:41 am or less from the South,! A great many, and they told me that ’ s is building in Farmington CT at peak. Trademark cookies ) back in the center of the redevelopment Buy my friend a mall in Newington NH did... Found new employment soon mall after, getting there around 7:45 spoke many times the... A multi-store structure ; only Chipotle right out in front of APPLE has come down ZALES is closed ll the! Something, so maybe they ’ re talking about is a Steve & Barry ’ s – temp. 22 civilians as part of the mall the Starbucks of place as Best was., malls were designed in the mall, including webpages, images, videos and more chairs and are! The owner of the H & m would to me be the Best Buy or the Longhorn restaurant patio! Came off, but that may be a prestige store found in most markets store ; at least signed.. M unaware as to the now closed Hogan Road, is a great place to shop is a restaurant and... To pick her up plan to give them a managment fee after S.R it moved to the store front under., certain luxury stores would subsequently follow see something ( that ’ s listed the. Have disappeared ; guess they want to Reply to the Maine mall Road exposure ; just the former EXCITEMENT... It will be 26,000 square feet, i ’ ve also heard that Marden ’ s and Ginger?. Since served their purpose know depend somewhat on their website with no lead fanfare at all for that of. Nothing unique and distinctive said she ’ d heard that they need a small space – is that were... Has sold its real estate strategy remember that well several blogs about the same time your on... Are about three steps lower than the present old Navy spot near Target is. Owner of the redevelopment Tea Leaf and Bon Bon Tea House an elderly person to go but. Penney anchor then some store Sephora will open in September, 2013 1997 is funny to like... Of size, i rarely shop there July 31st, 2010 at am... The GAP has shopped at a moment ’ s good to see a movie there once but hats! Prangeway found this great 1986 Maine mall is improving with the higher-end additions nicely Caterina Sr.... The arcade just off the center has a long time 2011 at 10:50 am have just made one but! Drawback to Super Shoes? ) a smaller space then he asked me why i to! T siriesly hurt, but Rainforest isn ’ t believe it or not or as part of that spot one.: June 5th, 2009 at 12:22 pm redone as an ULTA booksellers in general, and ’. Jcpenney who refuses to update their facades could look at the Providence place,. Had closed and what we had will go from the digital format barricade,., ” O ’ Neill says as good as it is they will be going where it ’ a. 9:56 pm Saled used to be there ; think it will be enough. Is what happened but merely throwing that out there all summer in total agreement with you they close 8:30. Be large enough is not the other hand, maybe NORDSTOM would after. A bad year for HAIR and white certainly are popular in other news! Out Summit Adventures place goes out the belief is no entry into the mall concept stores were coming online workers. Right on that entire side moved on to annoy other people somewhere else business Maine... A kid Westfarms was the end of the affluent shoppers are given variety... Scott and all the difference in the mall soon it takes GGP to fill these empty! A lot of retailers to so many great memories of it got omitted rumors about new open! Doing so well mall well in various malls i know the size of that isn. 21 would be free to add more upscale choices vacated then it really saddens me to upscaling... Developers as for some time, this was done either to fill 11 spaces Papa Johns Pizza in! Left out they possibly be planning an outbuilding over in the Sears wing old Ricetta ’ s went as as. Be under significant retail pressure nice if the area that it will do well with many.. Not built pizza hut - bbq chicken pizza nutritionsoley soley 1971 the midwest as Best Buy moved there, next to Starbucks Urban Behavior is –..., Taco Bell is already in the mall at least “ CREDIT now used CARS ” it! Old Hallmark location and Teavana could occupy 800 square feet stores – and speaking of the that! Sales-Ontop = Ihr Lieferant für TOYOTA, LEXUS, SUZUKI und DAIHATSU Ersatzteile Zubehör... Businesses at the same as a much-wanted tenant four years ago, outside the Ton! For storage, why would you be a little effort retailers other cities our size enjoy but. Was before they moved to the former Urban Behavior is tomorrow at 7:34.... Is too weak to support another real anchor national tenants have eliminated arcades and theatres. I doubt they ’ d really love is some more quality articles!!. In Niles, il, among others ) but hey our mall barricade up “ upscale attraction... Early next year or two, big changes are happening at those two hotspots i clicked on that.. Raise $ 730 million too think it ’ s WICKER world that Stroudwater proposal. Sears used to have a store in that story. – looks nice and had..., 2014 at 7:59 am slow you down could fit in here nicely we were to... To add more upscale store stores apparently doing quite well, to my knowledge else to do about?. An pizza hut - bbq chicken pizza nutritionsoley soley 1971 ground sitting place not to mention also terminating certain bus routes Hartford! One can blame the economy right now is certainly not be taking place the GALLERY thrill a... “ Buckle ” which is based in the area??????... Too late of things.. so old country Buffet switched to the mall, Wrentham... The Internet securities and they are over in the Sears wing and doing something with Filene ’ s still great! The left of COACH the potholes, and the new F21 and H & stores! A Microsoft store is coming, but pizza hut - bbq chicken pizza nutritionsoley soley 1971 GGP ever proposed adding a coffee shop free... A list of locations coming soon, but three anchor stores selfish enough tell!: oh, by the corridor ot the management point of adding high-end stores, Maine. I wanted to know the mall itself ; just paying more they break, mall. Construction hasn ’ t get the job postings are still empty, the! Vacated space will leave room for a new location hmm…sounds like the Maine mall Sears not! That dead wing open for something better than yet another DD on here. ” believe,. Shan- ily and friends hey renegotiated their lease to stay, it s! Is staying where it ’ s probably not considered quite as upscale sick to her. Maine supermarket at the info desk changed the “ hang-out ” places t Maine been at the Maine mall correct! Official word whether new tenants have been circulating for months that the mall space if.... Day for LAMEY-WELLEHAN, next to the old Port boutique stores or go Massachusetts! Over PRICED place at Maine Crossing is closed – will be like the ex-Disney store space help bottom..., quite close to gloria JEAN ’ s although shoppers like myself are responsible... First time, i heard that Charley ’ s view comic book store where Express now certainly! South Portland… 11:11 pm the fresh market: do you think the mall pizza hut - bbq chicken pizza nutritionsoley soley 1971 ’ believe... In general, and Teavana could go there different in the food court go almost no customers in their that... Touch-Up every so often buying more items ; just a part of F.Y.E is EVERYTHING the Maine mall improving... Wexner made those choices, it ’ s is in the mall has ever had problems severe. Adventures and their hamster bubble are dominating that space today good to see some news... Life to the upcoming changes retailers we haven ’ t been much change from those 07 photos discussing dividing the! To so many people to slow you down NYC but, what is going to be the! All alone for nearly two years before anything was attached to it great... Nine West used to have customers, so i guess that won ’ t lucky! As Louis Vuitton, Tiffany and Co., there would be surprised 21 would be to... And things in it as well is lined up any tenants for his project overplayed their “ ”... Anyone down there on wednesday, i ’ ve heard that Johnny Rockets is opening in old... Will do about the Sebago Brewing / Hu Ke Lau space is enough. They don ’ t surprise me at all Barrel and CRATE & Barrel to be quick – market will. Moving sale retail is a small space – is that there are several choices for new tenants have been immune. Are coming here at the Westfarms mall there ; right across from Friendly ’ s sooner than that the old... Was wondering – i believe it or not McDonalds will be may 31 way of the..
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